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Media Archive

TTL has been actively developing user friendly media archive systems for its clients. Media archive system is a web based application developed for a high volume content and to make the archiving process cost effective. The media archive system receives high quality video files, which are compressed with a minimum loss of quality. They are then tagged with time stamps, captions, and keywords. These files are then archived with the help of a web based interface, which can be used by the general public to access their preferred media files.
Following are the key features of the media archive system.

  1. Web based system
  2. Media Archiving System
  3. Web based Video Message System
  4. Web based Video conference System
  5. Searching and retrieval of Videos

Inventory Management System

TTL designs customized inventory management systems to suit the specific needs of its clients. Our company has the capability to develop inventory management systems for businesses ranging from small scale to multinational setups. Inventory management systems are used for the efficient management of stock. The various features present in the system help the management to effectively control the inventory and its movement.
Key features of the inventory management system are as follows.

  1. Web based system
  2. Inventory management
  3. Warehouse management
  4. Order management
  5. Comprehensive user and management reports
  6. Integration with bar code and RFID tags

Attendance Management System

TTL has successfully developed various attendance management systems for its clients. The main purpose of the attendance management system is to keep track of daily attendance of employees in an organization. The system makes use of thumb scanners and RFIDs to record and provide attendance information to an organization. The system not only provides the basic information of employees such as check-ins and check-outs, but it also generates a number of reports to help management analyze the overall time spent by an employee.
Some of the key features of the attendance management system include

  1. Check-in and check-out information
  2. Leave request and approval
  3. Short leave request
  4. Department attendance
  5. Overtime support
  6. Shift based attendance
  7. Daily activity log
  8. Employee search
  9. Various reports

Human Resource Information System

Tower Technologies develops flexible and user friendly human resource information systems for small and medium sized companies. The human resource information system includes a number of modules that help organizations manage their most crucial asset – their people. The modules in the system normally include personnel information management, leave, employee self-service, time and attendance, and benefits and recruitment. This combination of modules presents an ideal system that can help an organization align its human resource activities with the organizational goals.
Some of the salient features of the human resource information system are as follows

  1. Employee Record Management
  2. Hiring of Resources
  3. Leave Application
  4. Employee Attendance
  5. Fuel and Vehicle Requisition
  6. Mobile and Computer Allocation

Payroll System

Payroll system lies at the heart of the human resource systems developed at Tower Technologies. The payroll system takes care of various salary related tasks such as calculation of salary according to the rules of the company, income tax calculation, and income tax and provident fund deductions. The system also generates pay slips, cheque summary, and MIS reports.
Some of the key features of the payroll system include

  1. Employee Information
  2. Employee Attendance
  3. Generation of salary slips
  4. Allowances and deductions
  5. Track record of loans or advances to employees
  6. Generation of tax payable statement, annual tax report and individual tax deduction certificates
  7. Transfer of employee salaries to bank accounts
  8. Management of user accounts in the payroll system

Financial Management System

The financial management system developed by Tower Technologies enables clients to conduct their financial activities effectively. The system mainly comprises the accounting record of a business. Major processes in the financial management system include the management of assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenditures. The system provides a number of additional reports to support the decision making processes of business, besides the basic reports such as the balance sheet and income statement.
The key features of the financial management system developed by Tower Technologies are as follows

  1. Current assets management
  2. Fixed assets management
  3. Liabilities management
  4. Revenue and expense item management
  5. Information on gains and losses
  6. Chart of account
  7. Financial Year
  8. Opening balance
  9. Budget preparation and management
  10. Voucher preparation
  11. Profit and loss statement
  12. Balance Sheet

School Management System

The school management system developed by Tower Technologies aims to manage school networks in an efficient manner. The portal connects the school’s corporate offices with the school’s branches. It is a web based application which makes use of a centralized database to provide a number of facilities. It manages all aspects of student information. It tracks academic progress within district, school, and population subgroups. Moreover, it provides central access for teachers to record and update grades. It also records information related to classroom attendance, discipline, and contacts of students.
Some of the key features of the school management system developed by Tower Technologies are as follows

  1. Staff portal
  2. Student portal
  3. Parent portal
  4. Online tests and results
  5. SMS facility
  6. Management of registration and enrollment
  7. Management of academic calendar
  8. Management of exams and results
  9. Management of bank accounts
  10. Management of online attendance
  11. Management of networks - adding more franchises around the country
  12. Management of lesson plan from day to year
  13. Management of time table
  14. Management of discipline monitoring
  15. Management of State Department of Education Reports
  16. Management of assessment reports

University Management System

The university management system developed by Tower Technologies is a hybrid (desktop and web) application that handles periodic activities of university. It facilitates the university staff and management in various activities starting from admission process to student course registration, daily attendance, semester grade assessment, and transcript generation. The system also helps to manage all routine processes of student handling required by university administration. Moreover, it facilitates the collection of fees and fines by automatically generating challans and bank confirmation reports.
Some of the key features of our university management system are as follows

  1. Admission queries handling
  2. Admission process
  3. Selection of students on merit
  4. Fee challan generation
  5. Bank confirmation reports
  6. Semester registration
  7. Schedule of lectures
  8. Attendance management
  9. Monthly teacher salary reports
  10. Recording of grades
  11. Transcript generation
  12. Handling of withdrawn and dropped courses

Library Managment System

TThe library management system is a web based application used for receipt and issuance of books in the library. It also records the borrower’s details and history. Besides, the system generates spine labels and keeps a record of late fine and damages. Lost books can also be identified with the help of library management system. In addition, a number of useful reports can be generated through this system.
Some of the key features of the library management system are as follows

  1. Membership record
  2. Item management
  3.   (Books, Magazines, Articles, News, CD, DVDs, etc.)
  4. Circulation management
  5.   (Issue of Books, Return of Books and Re-Issue)
  6. Import of members from existing database
  7. Spine labeling
  8. Book reservation
  9. MARC language feature
  10. Book bag facility

Campus Management System

The campus management system is an application developed by TTL to facilitate various activities related to the management of colleges. The system covers a variety of college management aspects such as admissions, student registration, fee generation, concessions, timetables, and SMS facility. Initially a module is developed for campus management system, according to the specifications given by the client. The system is then checked to make sure if it is running smoothly. TTL also provides guidance and training to its clients, so that the actual users of the system can use it efficiently.
Some of the key features of the campus management system are as follows

  1. Admission process
  2. Selection of students on merit
  3. Fee challan generation
  4. Semester registration
  5. Schedule of lectures
  6. Attendance management
  7. Monthly teacher salary reports
  8. Recording of grades
  9. Transcript generation

Alumni Portal

TTL has developed a useful alumni portal for its client UCP. The portal provides a platform for the alumni of UCP to connect with their alma mater and university fellows. The UCP alumni can share their success stories and career information on the portal. Moreover, they can connect with friends and other alumni registered on the portal. It is a networking platform that facilitates the university to stay up to date with the progress of its alumni. Moreover, the alumni can network with their university fellows and stay in touch with old classmates. The portal also offers chapters or groups that the alumni can join to share ideas about common interests. Besides, the portal has a shop section where users can get souvenirs of their university.

Career Portal

A user friendly career portal has been developed by TTL for its client UCP. The career portal has a dual function. It serves the need of both employers as well as students. The career portal is an excellent platform for the students and graduates of UCP to look for jobs and progress in their career. Students and alumni are required to build their career profiles on the portal, which are made visible to the prospective employers. The portal also contains a collection of CVs or a CV bank where employers can shortlist candidates for different positions. With the help of this portal, students can search for jobs and can apply for suitable job opportunities listed on the portal.

Volunteer Portal

Tower technologies has developed an interesting portal to facilitate volunteer activities at UCP. Volunteers’ portal is a web based application where those organizations are registered that require volunteer services. The students also register on the portal so that they can be placed in different organizations as volunteers. The portal helps volunteers connect with the suitable organizations. Moreover, various team activities are organized by using the volunteer’s portal. The portal also facilitates in providing volunteer certificates to students who complete their volunteering tasks.

E-learning Portal

Tower technologies has developed an e-learning portal for the Punjab Group of Colleges that is open to general public and students. With this portal, learning is taken outside the classroom and thousands of video lectures are made available to students from around the world. This portal contains video lectures on a variety of topics that students can watch free of cost. With this portal, students can access their desired lecture at any time and at any place. Students are not restricted to brick and mortar classrooms anymore; with this portal they are free to learn as long as have they have access to computer and internet.

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