TTL’s Microsoft development practice integrates Microsoft applications, operating systems and development tools that enable a robust and secure environment for organizations. Our expertise with Microsoft technologies enables us to develop as well as deploy world-class enterprise solutions.

We can help you take advantage of the integrated capabilities of Microsoft. We can help you develop business-driven applications that encompasses aspects like business integration and SOA, data analytics and Web based applications. Our Microsoft expertise include the following technologies

  1. Custom Application Development with .NET – TTL’s expertise with Microsoft technologies that help create secure, reliable and convenient web applications. We help deliver robust and scalable applications that can accelerate your organization’s growth. We enable smooth SOA based interoperability with existing infrastructure.
  2. Cloud Solution with Microsoft Azure – Take advantage of the cloud through hybrid cloud-based solutions with Microsoft Azure. We help you migrate your solution to the cloud, enabling you with on-demand and secure resources of Azure where you can scale only according to need hence improving your business agility.
  3. Efficient Collaboration & Communication with SharePoint Development – TTL’s Microsoft team can help you develop robust SharePoint solutions that empowers your organizations with efficient collaboration and communication. We can help you build intuitive interfaces and simple navigation features for effective document management.
  4. Integrate Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics – Connect collaborate and manage your entire business with Microsoft Dynamics. We can help you integrate with Microsoft Dynamics solutions for your business, from finance to operations. Talk to us to adopt Microsoft Dynamics to transform your business.
  5. Business Intelligence with SQL Server – Our expertise with Microsoft data platforms can empower you with real-time data to help you make better business decisions. The Microsoft capabilities can help uniting several disparate information sources and create reports from across varied systems and databases. Our solutions can add insights to your data with focus on your KPIs.

We take the advantage of open source solutions to develop our own customized and dynamic applications. Our opensource team delivers innovative solutions using open source technologies. The team has vast experience in developing user-friendly, scalable and secure solutions using PHP, AngularJS, Python, VueJS, and a number of other technologies. We empower organizations such as yours with high performance and dynamic applications that fit your business needs. 

We help you build customised applications be it mobile or web. Our deep expertise is Enterprise Content Management Systems (CMS’s) such as WordPress enables us to carry out a detailed analysis of the content and structure processes for a reliable and secure implementation.

Nowadays, it is imperative to support your system with a strong backend service. We at Tower Technologies ensure the usage of the best database technologies such as MongoDB, Firebase and Oracle Server ensuring that your system runs without crashing providing a smooth customer experience. We make sure that you have the correct tools in hand for your business which saves you both time and money while delivering a functional, effective and efficient solution.

Nowadays, iOS users are on an upsurge and so is the demand for the latest iOS apps. Yet most mobile apps cannot keep up with the quality requirements of app stores or end customer user experience. We can help you design feature rich iOS mobile applications to suit your business needs. Our experienced iOS development team is equipped with in-depth technical expertise such as Swift, JSON, Objective C, HTML5, XML, CSS, XCode, SQLite and more. Added to this our rich industry experience helps us deliver robust applications for diverse business solutions. 

The Android app ecosystem is one of the largest mobile application ecosystems today. Building a personalized mobile application is crucial to stand out in such a crowded ecosystem and we address this challenge by building Android applications tailored to meet business objectives and end client needs. We believe that customization is the key when it comes to making your app stand out in the market. Our experienced Android team works with Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Android Media APIs, Location–based Service APIs, Wi–Fi APIs, Android Security Architecture, OpenGL, and other technologies required to build innovative Android apps.

Our team using IoT has the experience of working with all technical platforms, languages, and frameworks to help you create a secure and scalable IoT solution that fits your business needs. From creating the solution’s architecture to sensors to building cloud infrastructure, we help you every step of the way with both the hardware as well as the software. The IoT team uses the latest technologies such as AWS IoT, Android Firmware, Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and more. With our decade-long expertise in building custom software products, the unit has all it takes to deliver impactful IoT solutions to enterprises across industries.

We make sure to deliver our clients with the best custom made applications that deliver a seamless user experience. Our design team includes members with 15+ years of design and UX/UI experience in the industry and make use of the best softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign and more. We make sure that we provide you with top-notch services when it comes to designing your product to marketing it in the industry.